Top 10 Menu You Should Try At Genki Sushi Malaysia

Finding a good and affordable  and not to mention Muslim-friendly sushi in Malaysia is really hard, especially since not many Japanese restaurants can offer the authentic taste without using Mirin. But fret not Malaysians, Genki Sushi Malaysia are now to solve our sushi cravings! Although Genki Sushi Malaysia are not Halal-certified, they’ve assured us they are not using any Mirin…

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5 Muslim-friendly snacks you need to try at Family Mart Malaysia!

Family Mart is Japan’s second largest convenience store chain, with over 24,000 stores located in 8 countries across Asia. Family Mart is well known for their Oden and Onigiris. But what about their hidden gems? Their underrated snacks? Trust me when we say you’re spoiled for choices, as Family Mart is home to delicious snacks from Japan. And yes, although some are…

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