Gyumon Takumi: the Best Halal Wagyu and the Exceptional Hospitality

Feb 21, 2024

Gyumon Takumi extends a warm invitation to all Muslim customers for an unforgettable Wagyu journey. Established in Shibuya in 2007, "Gyumon" has been dedicated to providing Halal Wagyu Yakiniku for Muslims under the guidance of the MPJA (Muslim Professional Japan Association).

Gyumon Takumi
📍24 3-chome Toyo, 19, Koto City, Tokyo
🚇 only 10 mins away from Asakusa Station by car

Halal Wagyu Gyumon Takumi|Halal restaurant Tokyo
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Its new branch Takumi, newly opened its doors in November 2023, aiming to offer a delightful experience for those seeking the perfect blend of taste, quality, and tradition. The restaurant is located in Kiba, only 10 minutes away from Asakusa by car.

Halal Wagyu Excellence

Gyumon Takumi proudly presents the Wagyu Complete Course, a carefully curated selection that defines Wagyu excellence. Muslim customers are treated to the sweet and elegant aroma of Gyumon's Wagyu, featuring healthy, high-quality fat that effortlessly melts in the mouth. For those with a discerning palate, the finest Wagyu Takumi offers a unique opportunity to savour the pure essence and fine flavour of Wagyu.

Wagyu complete set 22,000 yen

Affordable Set Meal with Heartfelt Generosity

Catering to diverse preferences, Gyumon Takumi introduces the Sakura course (4,800 yen), a more casual option for those looking for an affordable set menu. Driven by the owner's sincere desire for everyone to relish the deliciousness of Wagyu, this thoughtful gesture ensures that the rich flavors are accessible to all, reflecting a genuine passion for sharing culinary excellence with a diverse audience.

Mouthwatering Add-Ons

Elevating the experience, Gyumon Takumi offers tantalizing add-ons like the Wagyu Sirloin Sushi and the exclusive Chateaubriand.

The Wagyu Sirloin Sushi provides a captivating performance as a Samurai grills the finely marbled meat to perfection, creating a delectable melt-in-the-mouth experience…yes, Samurai still exists at Gyumon Takumi for your unforgettable experience!

The Chateaubriand, a rare gem from the central part of the fillet, constitutes only 3% of the entire cow, making it an exquisite treat available only in high-end restaurants.

Wagyu Sirloin Sushi grilled by Samurai

Prayer Space with Privacy

Understanding the importance of prayers in Islam and drawing from a decade of serving Muslim customers, Gyumon Takumi provides a dedicated prayer space. This private area ensures a comfortable and tranquil environment for prayers, allowing guests to maintain their spiritual routines while relishing the culinary delights of Gyumon Takumi.

Prayer Space with Privacy at Gyumon Takumi

Gyumon Takumi emerges as a haven for Muslim food enthusiasts, consistently offering a Wagyu dining experience that combines tradition, quality, and inclusivity. From carefully curated courses to affordable set menus and exclusive add-ons, Gyumon Takumi welcomes all to savor the essence of Wagyu in a setting that values diversity and cultural appreciation. With Japanese-style hospitality, including a prayer room, language support, and cashless service, Gyumon strives daily to provide a fulfilling food culture experience for Muslims travelling in Japan.

Starting with the second branch “Gyumon Takumi”, the Gyumon brand plans to open various types of restaurants across Japan to deliver rich Japanese food culture to Muslims.

Stay updated with new restaurant introductions via Gyumon Group’s Instagram account,, Halal Navi's Instagram posts @halalnavi, reels @navito_halal, and Halal Navi Dinner events.

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