7 Muslim-Friendly Japanese Potato Chips You Can Buy At Convenience Store

convenience store Jul 29, 2022

Did you know that Don Don Donki, a famous Japanese discount store in Japan and Malaysia, was fired by Malaysians recently because they mislabeled the ingredients for a famous Japanese snack, Karamucho, and omitted "pork" and "beef" for the translated ingredients in English.

The tweet went viral even Don Don Donki Malaysia noticed the problem and issued an official apology on their social media!

Don Don Donki official apology for mislabelling non-halal product
source Don Don Donki Facebook

Alhamdulillah thanks to a Japanese-speaking customer that found the mislabeled produc and voicing it out that Don Don Donki finally labeled Karamucho as non-halal!

Although we love karamucho (it was Muslim-friendly and does not contain animal derivative ingredients before 2020) but fret not because there's a lot more Muslim-friendly Japanese snacks you can find in convenience store (konbini) and supermarket in Japan and here's our top 7 favorite Muslim-friendly snacks!

Disclaimer: All snacks listed are not Halal certified. The ingredients does not contain any non-halal ingredients. Please consume at your own discretion.

1.Nabisco - Chipstar Potato Chips - Nori Shio flavour

Ingredients: Potato flakes, vegetable oil and fat, green laver, salt/emulsifier, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)

2.Kokeiya -  Japan Fried Potato - Yakinori shoyu

Ingredients: Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, flavored oil, sugar, powdered soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), protein hydrolysate (contains wheat and soybeans), grilled laver, kelp extract powder, tuna knots, dried sardines, oligosaccharides, processed conger eel/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sweetener (stevia), flavor

3.Koikeya - Pure Potato Setouchi Green Laver & Tenka

Ingredients: Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, salt, dextrin, grilled laver, aosa seaweed, spices, yeast extract powder, rice flour, fish oil, green laver, seasoning oil/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), flavoring, (contains wheat, shrimp, salmon)

4.Pringles Takoyaki (Made in Malaysia!)

Ingredients: Potato flakes (non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, wheat starch, wheat starch, seasoning powder (maltodextrin, sugar, salt, yeast extract powder, vinegar powder, parsley flakes, vegetable oil), rice flour, maltodextrin, glucose/emulsifier, seasoning (amino acids), flavor (from milk), pH adjuster, acidifier, paprika color

And it's made in Malaysia and imported to Japan as a limited-edition flavour!

5. Koikeya - Potato Chips Usushio (Salt)

Ingredients: Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, salt, dextrin/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

6. Kokeiya - Suppa Muucho Plum Flavour

Ingredients: Potato (Japan: non-genetically modified), vegetable oil, sugar, glucose, ume vinegar powder, salt, powdered vinegar, powdered soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), ume seasoning powder, chives, oligosaccharides / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), acidifier, sweetener (stevia), flavor, anthocyanin color

7. Bourbon - Jagachoco (Potato chips dipped in chocolate)

Ingredients: Sugar (manufactured in Korea), potato pellets (dried potato, starch, salt), vegetable fats, cacao mass, whole milk powder / emulsifier (from soybean), flavor, color (turmeric), antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C)


There are definitely more snacks that's available that does not contain non-halal ingredients that you can find in Japan's konbini! Most Japanese snacks contain 豚エキス・ポークエキス (pork extract)、チキンエキス・コンソメ(chicken extract or flavouring)、牛肉 (beef)、ゼラチン (gelatin) and other non-Halal ingredients so be sure to double check the ingredients before purchasing!


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