Halal products available at 7-Eleven stores in Japan

seven eleven halal products May 18, 2022

In this article, you will find some of the products you can buy at 7-Eleven in Japan
In this article, we will introduce some Halal products that you can buy at 7-Eleven in Japan.

Characteristics of 7-Eleven in Japan

7-Eleven is the most popular convenience store in Japan with the largest number of stores.
The reason for their popularity is that many of their products are made in their own factories, are of high quality, and can only be found at 7-Eleven stores. Original products cover 70% of the total.
In addition to snacks and light meals, most of the necessities of life can be found at 7-Eleven.
They also have ATMs and copy machines, which are very convenient to have near where you are staying.

Here are five halal items you can buy at 7-Eleven.

1.Seven bread(セブンブレッド)

Source: https://7premium.jp/product/search/detail?id=5853
*Status was  confirmed by Halal In Japan on 28th August 2020

2.Ritz crackers/ Nabisko

Source: https://www.ritzcrackers.jp/
*Status was  confirmed by Halal In Japan on 1st September 2020

3.SO vanilla/ Lotte

Source: https://www.lotte.co.jp/products/catalogue/ice/01/detail01.html
*Status was  confirmed by Halal In Japan on 1st September 2020

4.Potato chips (Usushio)/ Calbee

Source: https://www.calbee.co.jp/products/detail/?p=20211224102113
*Status was  confirmed by Halal In Japan on 4th September 2020

5.Bulgaria Yogurt/ Meiji

Source: https://www.meiji.com/global/food/yogurt/meiji-bulgaria-yogurt.html
*Status was  confirmed by Halal In Japan on 9th September 2020

So far, Halal products available at 7-Eleven have been introduced based on Halal in Japan. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so why not visit?

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