Is Takoyaki in Japan, Halal?

All About Japan Feb 2, 2021

Takoyaki is one of the must-eat street food when visiting Japan because you probably read or see them everywhere in anime or Japanese dramas! Takoyaki たこ焼き literally translates as grilled octopus but it is actually “octopus balls” and a famous Japanese snack in Osaka, and now nationwide. You can find them literally at most shopping streets in Osaka and there’s also a lot of snack stores offering them to go/ eat-in but the big question here, is it Halal?

The answer is yes and no! Here are the ingredients to make a basic takoyaki:

source :

Takoyaki basic ingredients:

1. Takoyaki Batter
– All Purpose Flour
– Baking Powder
– Soy sauce
– Dashi (Japanese soup stock)
– Eggs & Water

2. Takoyaki filling
– Diced octopus
– Scallions
– Pickled Red Ginger
– Tenkasu (Tempura scrap)

3. Topping
– Takoyaki Sauce
– Japanese Mayonnaise
– Katsuobushi & dried seaweed

Just by judging Takoyaki’s basic ingredients it sounds Halal right? Unfortunately, there are few ingredients that you have to be careful upon ordering Takoyaki from any street stall or restaurant! The sauce and dashi added to the batter may contain animal-based ingredients and alcohol and the Takoyaki sauce usually contains animal-based ingredients and alcohol hence making it not Halal.

Although takoyaki contains only seafood we advise our Muslim readers to be aware of other ingredients and the best is to ask the shop owner “アルコールと動物由来のものが入っていますか?(reads: aruko-ru to doubutsu yurai no mono ga haitteimasuka?) which translates as “is there any alcohol or animal-based ingredient used”. Most shop owners will be gladly inform you!

You can also use our Survival Kit for Muslim Travelers in Japan and just show the card to the shop owner!


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