Honolu Ramen, a must-try Halal Ramen shop.

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Ramen is one of the must-try foods if you are visiting Japan. It has been increasingly popular since its debut in the famous anime, Naruto. Since then, tourists have always wanted to try the authentic Ramen in Japan.

Ramen’s broth is usually made from non-halal ingredients, but worry not, as we Halal Navi introduced you to the Honolu Ramen. A halal-certified Ramen Shop.

No photo description available. The best part is, not only the ingredients are halal certified, but the shop and all Honolu Ramen branches are now officially Halal certified. The certification was released and verified by the Halal Certification Committee of Japan Islamic Trust (also known and registered as Nihon Islamic Bunka Center) Assalamu'alaykum Honolu Customers all over the world! We have a wonderful Announcement 🎉 . Yesterday, finally Honolu Ramen All Branches in Japan got Halal Certification from Japan Islamic Trust 🎊❤️ Now you don't need to worry about or ask this or that question regarding ingredients we use because it has been confirmed officially that every ingredient and material we use is HALAL 100%❗ . Please kindly visit us at Ebisu, Asakusa, Otsuka, and Namba Osaka. We are waiting for you 😊💕 . #honoluramen #halalramen #halalfood #muslimfriendly #帆のる #ラーメン #ハラル #ハラール #ハラールフード #ハラールラーメン #ムスリム #ムスリムフレンドリー #難波ラーメン #鶏白湯 #halaljapan #japan #osaka #visitjapan #ilovejapan #japantrip #wisatajepang #instatravel #travelgram #instatrip #explorejapan #halal #halalcertification

In Honolu Ramen, after your arrival you will need to purchase your menu by using a machine.

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Honolu Ramen menus offer a very adorable price which starts from 500 Yen up to around 1200 Yen per dish. The base broth varies from the salt-based broth, chicken broth and also soy broth. Even though they are using only Halal ingredients for their broth, it still tastes delicious and gives you the traditional taste of Japanese Ramen.

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Their highly recommended menus are their spicy ramen, special rich chicken flavor, and spicy fried chicken ramen. If you are an avid fan of hot spicy food, you can even try their extreme spicy ramen. You can add toppings to your dish, try their specialty gyoza(only available during dinner time) or even add some of their famous chicken karaage to your dish.

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: dessert and food They even have sweets(mochi) to end your dish in the most satisfying way.

Honolu Ramen has 4 branches in Japan. One branch is in Osaka and the other branches are in Tokyo; Otsuka, Ebisu, and Asakusa. It is one of the highly recommended halal ramen shops that you must try in Japan. They even provide praying spaces in their branches for Muslim customers.

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Oh, if you purchase our Tokyo Muslim Guide & Coupon Book you can get free chicken karaage or mochi! Well, the free coupons apply only at either the Asakusa or Ebisu branch.

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“The ramen is delicious! I tried no.1 & 3 menu. Shop owner is very friendly! Shop cant fit too many people, you have to wait for your turn. Overall very good!! Will visit again !” - reviewed by Azwan Airul for Honolu Ramen Osaka in Halal Navi.  

Why wait when you can make your seat reservation in advance with Halal Navi! Check out the links below for more info and location for Honolu Ramen branch Osaka, Ebisu, and Asakusa.

Honolu Namba, Osaka : Click Here Honolu Ebisu, Tokyo : Click Here Honolu Asakusa, Tokyo : Click Here Honolu Otsuka, Tokyo Address: 3-51-1, Minami Otsuka Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, 170-0005

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