Survival Kit For Muslim Travelers In Japan

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All this time you could only see the beauty of Japan from TV screen, now you have booked your ticket and ready flying to Japan. Are you excited to finally see Japan with your own eyes?  Because we definitely are!

survival kit halal navi

But wait, have you polished your Japanese before boarding that flight to a country that basically does not speak English at all? (they will try their best though). Surviving Japan as a foreigner is hard enough, with all the kanji and words that sound gibberish and what not, surviving Japan as a Muslim tourist is even harder especially when ordering food or even buying a simple onigiri at the konbini (read: convenience store). To help you out, we have prepared Muslim survival kit that might become handy.

Halal Phrase Book at the restaurant Halal Navi

Haram or Mushbooh Ingredients Dictionary Halal Navi

Muslim Dietary Card Halal Navi

Emergency Contact Info Halal Navi

Download the survival kit below for a better quality.  Remember to print and keep it before you depart to Japan! If you still worry of feeling lost while you are there, do not forget to download Halal Navi. You can search halal restaurant nearby easily and even check halal tips from other Muslim users about the restaurant.


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