Halal Navi was featured by Japanese Tv Show, "Wake Up Plus"!

Halal Navi Jan 9, 2018

Halal Navi is a small startup, founded by Malaysians and our mission is to help Muslims worldwide to find Halal foods and ease their journey to non-Muslim country. Although we are still a small company based in Malaysia, we are very happy that Japan's media are showing their support by featuring us in their newspapers and tv shows! On December 2017, Halal Navi was again featured on Japanese TV show, called "Wake Up Plus" by Yomiuri TV (Kansai) as an app used by Muslims to find Halal food in Japan!

Thanks all our Halal Navi users, who never stopped showing support from day one! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve ourselves to be a better service for you, drop a comment below 🙂

If you're going to Japan for their food, don't forget to download Halal Navi so you won't have a hard time finding Halal foods and other Muslim facilities!

Have fun eating 😉

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