Halal Navi Team Went on Ultimate Japan Halal Foodie Trip And Here’s 11 Halal Restaurants We’ve Tried

Trying out local foods when travelling is a must and the most anticipated itinerary (for us that is)! Imagine getting to taste the ORIGINAL sushi and takoyaki that you've always ate in your home country *drools* To us, enjoying local food is a part of experiencing a country's culture which is why we did this trip so more Muslims in Japan can experience themselves a part of Japan without sacrificing your religion 😉 It was an amazing experience to travel from Tokyo to Kansai to try out various type of foods (and taste!) and although roaming around Japan can be pretty expensive, but with 7 days Whole Japan Rail Pass we managed to move around Japan to hunt Halal food for cheaps! We definitely recommend you to take up this 7 days Whole Japan Rail Pass to follow us on our foodie trip. Well,   Ikimasho! giphy

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18 - 20 Nov 2017 ; TOKYO

1. Ramen Honolu Ebisu, Tokyo

A hot bowl of good ramen is great when you are outside at 11-degree celsius running around Ebisu area! It was the perfect season to visit as when we went there, all the lights at Yebisu Garden Place were all over the place! Plus, the strategic location of Honolu Ebisu Ramen that is located near the train station makes you eat while hearing the train passes by. Not only you get to taste one of the best Ramen in Tokyo, but you get to experience it like the Japanese! Another reason for you to visit is cause you can claim a free karaage when you download and share a review on the place inside Halal Navi app!


Here is what we ate with our fellow Halal Navi user!
Dishes Price
Special Rich Chicken Flavor Ramen (特製鳥白湯麺) ¥980
Spicy Ramen (スパイシーラーメン) ¥980
Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen (旨辛唐揚げ麺)  ¥1,180
Honolu Fried Chicken (帆のる特製唐揚げ) ¥580 (FREE for Halal Navi users)
Weekly Mini Rice Bowl (週替わりミニ丼) ¥150
TOTAL ¥3,870
Ramen Honolu Ebisu

Look at those delicious dishes! by Halal Navi


Address ABC Americabashi Bldg 1F, 1-23-1 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku Tokyo.
Phone 03-5734-1667
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labeled Halal.
Prayer room Available
More info Ramen Honolu Ebisu

2. Kowloon Jyou, Tokyo

Have a big stomach to fill but want to pay less? Say no more! Kowloon Jyou or Kruonjyou is a Chinese halal restaurant that offers shabu-shabu and Yakiniku that you can eat within the time limit. dscf4795

Look at that Yakiniku fiesta by Halal Navi

There are two types of the menu you can choose from too, either for lunch or dinner. Since we arrived during dinner, we left with the only option: ¥2,880 for 120 minutes and you can get all the meat as you have seen in the picture above. Kowloon Jyou

It's time to grill some meat by Halal Navi


Address Tokyo to, Koto-ku, Kameido 6-23-2
Phone 03-6715-4304
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labeled Halal.
Prayer room Not Available
More info Kowloon Jyou (Kuronjyou)

3. CoCo Ichi Curry House of Akihabara, Tokyo

Since their launch of the first Halal branch last year, CoCo Ichi has received numerous good reviews from Halal Navers and we decided to try the Japanese curry ourselves! We ordered the regular non-spicy chicken cutlet curry and thinly sliced beef curry with level 10 spiciness just to see how spicy it actually was (spoiler: it was spicy). Besides the meaty curry, there is also a wide range to choose from such as seafood, vegetables, and cheese curry.

After feeling full, it's time to head back to Akihabara for some souvenirs hunting! Make sure to visit Laox Akihabara that located few minutes from the restaurants to grab that Halal souvenirs and snacks.
Dishes Price
Chicken Cutlet Curry (Spice Level 2,  Rice Portion 300 g) + Cheese ¥910 + ¥220
Thin Sliced Beef Curry (Spice Level 10,  Rice Portion 300 g) ¥890
Corn Salad ¥300
French Fried Potatoes ¥110
Pickled Scallions ¥30
TOTAL ¥2,460

Which one is spicier? Take a guess. by Halal Navi


Address Japan, 〒101-0023 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Matsunagachō, Uchio Matsunaga Bldg 1F
Phone 03-6260-8667
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labelled Halal.
Prayer room Not Available
More info CoCo Ichi Curry House of Akihabara

4. Singapore Holic Laksa, Tokyo

Listed as one of the Halal eateries in Shibuya-Ku, this cute stalls is one of a kind as they're the only stall that sells Laksa in Harajuku! dscf4952

Creamy laksa with cheese! by Halal Navi

Do take note that the chicken is not Halal, therefore please order menu without the chicken OR you can just follow our order below:
Dishes Price
  • Laksa (medium)
  • Coconuts Oil
  • Cheese
  • ¥800
  • ¥50
  • ¥110
Kaya Toast ¥350
Detox water ¥350
Green Smoothie ¥400
TOTAL ¥2,050


Buttery kaya toast goodness by Halal Navi


Address 1-13-21 Jingumae Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone 03-6804-1833
Halal tips* Menu labelled Halal, some non-Halal dishes are served, some non-Halal dishes are served
Prayer room Not Available
More info Singapore Holic Laksa

5. Shabu-shabu Hitsujinoyu, Tokyo

Wondering around Shibuya in the middle of the night? Let's get some shabu-shabu with your friends! I'm sure you won't regret this decision because you can get an unlimited mountain of lamb for an affordable price! screen-shot-2018-02-06-at-12-56-29-pm

Mountain of lamb is coming through! by Halal Navi

Imagine for 120 minutes buffet course you can get an unlimited refill of lamb, vegetables, soup, rice, desserts, other condiments and also all you can drink soft drinks (pheww can I get a breather). We would recommend you to come here with an empty stomach because, at the end of the meal, you will be really full till you can't get up. P.S It's near Gyumon, Yakiniku Restaurant as its operated by the same company! screen-shot-2018-02-06-at-12-57-58-pm

Aida with Halal Navi user,  Idhammer by Halal Navi

Address Adachi Bldg. 2F, 3-14-4, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6427-9197
Halal tips* Menu labelled Halal, alcohols are served, all meats used are Halal, Separate utensils are used
Prayer room Not Available
More info Shabu-shabu Hitsujinoyu

6. T's Restaurant, Tokyo

If you have an adventurous palette you might as well try out a vegetarian meal from T's Restaurant! Located in Jiyugaoka, this restaurant does not serves pork, meat, fish, egg and also milk, which make it permissible for Muslim to eat! dscf5079

Our feast at T's Restaurant by Halal Navi

Dishes Price
Fried Soy meat (VeggieMayo)   大豆ミートの唐揚げベジマヨソース添え   ¥420
Japanese Fried Soy chicken 大豆ミートの唐揚げ ¥420
Roasted Vegetables ロースト野菜 ¥480
Spring Rolls春巻き(2本) ¥600
 Double Flavored Curry Hamburger 贅沢2種のカレーハンバーグ  ¥1,800
 Gateau Chocolate ガトーショコラ ¥650
 Caramel Creme Brulee キャラメルクリームブリュレ ¥600
TOTAL ¥4,970
  The only surprise that you will get is how similar are the dishes with the regular meaty food that we usually consumed. I know it's maybe out of our comfort zone but, since it's a foodie trip we might as well go all the way to try out different type of cuisines for Muslims travellers in Japan! dscf5087

Let's end the feast with dessert by Halal Navi

Address Meguro-ku, Tokyo Jiyugaoka 2-9-6 Luz Jiyugaoka B1F, Meguro, Tokyo, 152-0035, Japan
Phone 03-3717-0831
Halal tips* Vegetarian menu is available
Prayer room Not Available
More info T's Restaurant Jiyugaoka

7. Panga Yakiniku, Tokyo

Craving for some meat? Well, head down to Panga Yakiniku who have been operating for around 16 years and have been a favourite place for local Muslim to enjoy Halal Wagyu Yakiniku! dscf5139

Premium Wagyu Beef Set by Halal Navi

Once you sizzled the marbled meat on a hot grill, there is no turning back! We recommend you to try all the meat listed below and we are pretty sure the aroma alone and the *pssssssst* sizzling sound will make you drool.
Dishes Price
Premium Wagyu Beef Set (for 3) ¥8,500
Marbled special wagyu beef steak (200g) ¥3,600
Wagyu Ribeye Shabu-shabu for grill  ¥1,800
TOTAL  ¥13,900

It's time for some juicy meatby Halal Navi

Address Taito 3-27-9, Taito-ku , Tokyo, 110-0016, Japan
Phone 03-3839-8929
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, alcohols are served.
Prayer room Not Available
More info Panga Yakiniku

25 - 27 Nov 2017 ; KANSAI

8. Ryokan Hirashin, Kyoto

If you walk around Kyoto and want to experience traditional Japanese cuisine, give Ryokan Hirashin a try! Because... You can enjoy Halal cuisine while watching traditional Kyoto performance in a Japanese traditional inn room *shrieks* dscf6252

Shokado Palette by Halal Navi

The only trick is for Halal dishes you have to make a reservation a day before for them to prepare it!
Dishes Price
Shokado Palette + Steamboat  ¥2,200
TOTAL  ¥2,200

Shokado Palette and steamboat by Halal Navi

Address Takoyakushidori, Takakura Nishiiru, Nakagyo-kuKyoto 604-8141, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone (+81) 75-221-0121
Halal tips* Halal Menu Available
Prayer room Not Available
More info Ryokan Hirashin

9. MATSURI, Osaka

When you are in Osaka, one of the food that you must try is Takoyaki! In order to enjoy Takoyaki without any doubt, MATSURI is here to save your trip! The restaurant is located just a minute walk from Nodahanshin station gate 7 and you get to try out all kind of Japanese food.

Just named it - Okonomiyaki, Sushi, Kobe Beef they have it all, and you can enjoy top 10 Japanese food in one places! (How cool is that?). At the end, I would definitely suggest you try their Takoyaki, because not just you can eat it but you can make it as well! Good news is you can also claim a 5% discount when you leave a review on Halal Navi.
Dishes Price
Assorted Sushi (5 pcs) ¥880
D.I.Y Takoyaki (10pcs) ¥680
Cutlet combinations (10pcs)  ¥1,280
Kobe beef Yakiniku Set Mea  ¥5,000
 Ume Soda  ¥390
5% Discount for Halal Navi Users - ¥411.50
TOTAL ¥7,818.50

Fresh takoyaki made by yours truly, Halal Navi

Address 3-27-17 Yoshino Fukushima-ku Osaka, Osaka, 553-0006, Japan
Phone 06-6940-6633
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labelled Halal.
Prayer room Available
More info Matsuri

10. Naritaya Halal Ramen, Osaka

There is a reason why Naritaya Halal Ramen is on the number one spot for the most popular Halal restaurant last year! Everything from ramen to broth it won't disappoint you, especially if you are looking for quick and delicious food at that time.

Besides ramen, they also sell gyoza (aka fried dumpling), fried chicken and croquette. Well, nothing can beat that crunchy fried chicken with Halal ramen when combined! You can also claim FREE Karaage from Naritaya by downloading Halal Navi!

Dishes Price
Dumpling 3 pc (S) ¥300
Japanese fried chicken (S) ¥300 (FREE for Halal Navi users)
Spicy miso ramen ¥900
Special Naritaya ramen (L) ¥1,400
TOTAL ¥2,900

Look at that spicy goodness by Halal Navi

Address 1-7-23, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
Phone 06-6281-0133
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labelled Halal.
Prayer room Available
More info Naritaya Halal Ramen Osaka

11. Misono, Kobe

It's time to close our first Halal foodie trip with something extra special *drumroll* Kobe beef. Think of this as a treat for yourself after that hard work because you deserve to eat the marbled meat once in your lifetime! By the way, one question must pop up in your mind and that might be 'What makes Misono's Kobe Beef special?'

Well, they are the originator of teppanyaki steak Misono since 1945 and all the ingredients are carefully selected. Imagined everything that you eat are fresh ingredients: from premium Kobe beef to seasonal vegetables and seafood. For Halal course, you can choose either two courses and they also served seafood teppanyaki and ala carte menu as well.
Dishes Price
Halal A Course (salad, grilled vegetables 5 types, garlic rice, fruits & Halal Kobe beef sirloin steak 150g ¥27,000 (¥29,610 include tax)
TOTAL ¥29,610


Medium rare cooked Kobe beef by Halal Navi

Address 7&8F Misono Bldg., 1-1-2 Shimoyamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0011
Phone 07-83312890
Halal tips* Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, menu labeled Halal.
Prayer room Not Available
More info Misono


Finally, we have revealed all of our Halal food discovery! It was really awesome feeling to see more Halal restaurants in Japan and we hope to find more restaurants this year. For now, don't forget to download Halal Navi to see more Halal restaurants!

*Disclaimer: The halal tips provided in this article are contributed by Halal Navi’s user. Readers are advised to confirm the Halal status with restaurant owners.

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