All About Japan Oct 4, 2019


Before we begin, we will need to explore the overall tourism industry in Japan, a general overview on Muslims in the world, and how the rising number of Muslim population and travellers to Japan affect Japan’s tourism industry.

Tourism Industry in Japan

Overall, the tourism industry in Japan is booming and increasing yearly, with majority of visitors deriving from East Asian and Southeast Asian-based region.


Insight on Overall Muslim Population and Muslims in Japan

Currently, there are no official or recent statistics of the exact number of Muslims living in Japan, but the estimated projections are somewhere between 170,000 - 185,000. Meanwhile, overall the Muslim population in the world is projected to grow.


Due to the recent boom in tourism, the rising numbers of Muslim population in the World and Muslim Travellers to Japan is expected to increase, providing a huge demand for market for Muslim products and services in Japan.


As one of the rules of Islam requires Muslims to consume permissible “halal” food and drinks, this applies during travel as well, resulting in Muslims tourists seeking halal food whenever they travel.


Currently, there is a large market available to provide Halal food and drinks to both Muslim tourists visiting Japan and Muslim residents in Japan alike, providing a lucrative opportunity for businesses to fulfill the Muslim requirement.  Find out more on how Halal Navi can support your business to reach out to Muslim travellers and Muslim residents living in Japan.REFERENCES1. Japan National Tourism Organization (JTNO) Pew Research Centre, The Changing Global Religious Landscape, April 2017 Pew Research Centre, Table: Muslim Population by Country, 27 January 2011 Organisation of Islamic Corporation (OIC): Statistical, Economic and Social Research And Training Centre For Islamic Countries (SESRIC), Global Muslim Diaspora Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2019, Mastercard-CrescentRating Japan Muslim Travel Index 2017, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay) Japan making a mark in Muslim tourist market, December 30, 2018 by A Jalil Hamid


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