End of Heisei Era, Welcome Reiwa Era!

All About Japan Apr 1, 2019

Just today, the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga unveils the new era name for the new emperor Naruhito succession to the throne, "Reiwa" 令和 Era. This marks the end of the "Heisei" Era 平成時代(1989–2019).

The new Reiwa Era for Japan is planned to start on the 1st May 2019."Heisei" means "peace everywhere" was taken from two chinese literature Records of the Grand Historian (史記 Shǐjì) and the Book of Documents (書経 Shūjīng).

While "Reiwa" represents "a culture being born and nurtured by people coming together beautifully." but the literal translation for the characters, rei in Reiwa can be roughly translated as "auspicious" or "orderly" and wa means "harmony" or "peace.We wish Japan to continue to prosper under the new emperor so that Halal Navi can continue to guide tourist and muslim in Japan  😀 .

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