Don Quijote Japan Shopping Discount Coupons are now available online!

Shopping Oct 18, 2019

What is Don Quijote in the first place? Well, Don Quijote (or more commonly know as Donki) is famously known among tourists and even locals, as THE place to shop for souvenirs in Japan.  It’s a discount store in Japan, where not only they have your Maccha souvenirs, but it’s also the place for you to stock up on JBeauty skincare and cosmetics, and there are a lot of chocolates and snacks available too!

Check out how crazy we went on a shopping trip at Don Quijote Osaka!

The best part of shopping at Don Quijote for tourists is ….


For it to be tax free you have to purchase above 5,000yen (excluding tax) and have a valid tourist visa. When shopping in Japan, always bring your passport to get all this tax-free!  And if you think that is not enough, fret not as we are here to offer you with additional DISCOUNT COUPON for if you purchase above 10,000yen (in which we think you will). All you have to do is click the get coupon button below and click on  the amount you’ve bought and show it to the cashier upon making payment.

Get Discount Coupon


Get Discount Coupon

Happy shopping!

Now that you’ve checked out $U#^$&%, its time to hit the streets and get going! There are more to discover along the way! To experience Tokyo’s main highlights within a day, you can get the tour ticket through Klook here.

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