Chopstick Etiquettes You Should Know Before Travelling in Japan

All About Japan Jul 1, 2019

Chopsticks are mainly used in Japanese cuisine. At the end of 2013, Japanese cooking (にほんりょうり) was listed as UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage, and Japanese cuisine was accepted by more people around the world. Even people that have not visited Japan will use the chopstick in Japanese restaurant.

Just as French cuisine has table manner, using chopstick in Japan also has its own etiquettes. However, without Japanese friends, it is hard to know the etiquettes. Therefore, we will introduce the etiquettes of chopstick in Japan to whom that like Japanese culture or going to visit Japan.

What to avoid doing with a pair of chopstick in Japan?

1) Hovering Over Food


2) Dig Around for Food


3) Bite Chopsticks


4) Cross Chopsticks


5) Transfer Food with Chopstick


6) Point at Someone with Chopsticks


7) Place Chopstick in Bowl


8) Skewering Food


9) Lick Food from Chopstick


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