5 Amazing Facts about Ninja that Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Facts Aug 9, 2019
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Many associate ninjas with stealthiness and mystery!.However, many of the modern ideas about these Japanese warriors have been romanticized due to...

Ninja (忍者, hiragana: にんじゃ) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks. Ninjas always give us the impression of stealthiness and mystery. Due to the depictions and exaggerations of western movies, Ninjas are described as omnipotent. They can hide in the dark, leap onto roofs and vault over walls as well as kill anyone they want.

Is Ninja really that formidable? Here are the 5 sneaky facts about Ninja.

1) The term Ninja (忍者) does not actually appear until the 20th century.


Before the 20th century, they aren't called Ninja (忍者). There is no general name for them. Shinobi no mono is the ideogram use to describe them. Shinobu means "stealth" and "perseverance" while mono means "person".  That's how the name "Ninja" come out.

2) The original term used was Shinobi No mono.


Shinobi is a job title just like "pikeman", "carpenter" or "archer". They are specialized in covert operations, commando skills and spying. They are hired to be a spy or convert operators.

3) Ninjas were spies for gathering intel. Not a fighter.


The primary role for a Ninja was espionage. They weren't a fighter, they will not fight their enemies face-to-face but they have the skills of assassinations.

4) Ninjas belong to the lower classes of ancient Japanese.


In feudal Japan, two types of warriors emerged: Samurai, the nobles for the country, and Ninjas, from the lower classes. That's why the outfits of Samurai is colourful with symbols while Ninjas can only wear like normal people or in plain dark colour when having assassinations.

5) Ninjas wore clothes like normal people.


Just like the previous point, Ninjas wore like normal people to make their mission completed easily because their mission is to gather intel secretly. It can also avoid them to be recognised. Therefore, they integrated into the crowd. Back at that time, Ninjas could be your neighbour too!

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