Is Fast Food in Japan Halal?

Japan Jul 22, 2022
Very last minute shot after an afternoon at my Grans
Photo by Thabang / Unsplash

Have you ever walked pass through a fast food restaurant in Japan and tempted by the smell and want to get a quick grab like you normally do back home? Because we do and we always wonder wether it is Halal or at least Muslim-friendly ><

So here's a list of fast food in Japan and the Halal status and the Muslim-friendly menu, so you can be very careful before dining in!

1.McDonalds Japan - NOT HALAL

source McDonalds Japan

According to their Allergen List shared by McDonalds Japan itself, they uses cooking oil that contains beef. So ALL fried menu in McDonalds, including their Filet-O-Fish or fries are NOT HALAL. But most of their desserts like ice cream, Hotcakes and McFlurry does not contain any Haram ingredients (per allergen list), you can dine in at your own discretion.

2. KFC Japan - NOT HALAL

Burgie box.
Photo by Hello I'm Nik / Unsplash

Unfortunately ALL menu in KFC Japan is not Halal. Based on their official website, they uses, of course, non-halal chicken in their menu and the frying oil uses contains animal derivatives. There are also no information on their website about their other non-chicken menus but it is better to avoid KFC in Japan if you're looking for Halal food.

3. BURGER KING Japan - Burgers are NOT HALAL

Burgers from Burger King Japan are not Halal because they used Non-halal meat but they've recently release Plant Based Whopper that's made of 100% plant. We were so excited to give it a try when we heard this news! But later on we saw the tiny disclaimer that although the ingredients are meat-free but they uses the same cooking utensils as their other menu.

Other than their burgers, the fries does not uses any animal-derivatives oil and not mixed with other menu and their desserts menu does not contain gelatin and animal-derived ingredients (based on their allergen list!)

4. Dominos Japan - Syubhah

Domino's Japan

Other than their pizza that contains meat, the seafood pizza falls under syubhah because according to their allergen list, although it is not being used in the ingredients the pizza might be exposed to pork, beef, chicken and gelatin upon preparation so please consume at your own discretion. But although it is seafood, please avoid ordering Cheese Burst series as it contains pork in their ingredients!

5. Lotteria - Not Halal

Lotteria Japan

Have you heard of Lotteria before? If you're in Japan you would probably see them everywhere if you're in the big cities as it is one of the famous local fast food! But unfortunately none of the burgers are Halal as they contains chicken in the seafood burgers and cooked with cooking oil or utensils that might be contaminated with pork. (source: Lotteria Japan allergen list)

6. Luxe Burger - Tokyo , HALAL !!

Luxe Burger

Unfortunately most fast foods in Japan are not Halal even if they have seafood burger. But why look for seafood burger when you can have HALAL meat burger, right here in Japan, right? If you're in Tokyo, don't forget to drop by Luxe burger to have you "fast food" fix, but even better! The juicy lamb hamburger will definitely make you forget about other fast foods * drools *

Luxe Burger, Tokyo

6-13 Nihombashikobunacho, 13, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024 Japan


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