Japan's Famous Ice-cream Bar "Azuki Bar" by Imuraya Goes Halal!

Halal Food Jun 18, 2021
Credit Imuraya

If you ever been to Japan, you've probably seen this ice cream in any convenience store/ Konbini. It's one of local's favorites as it is cheap (about 130yen) and it a classic favorite made with Japanese Azuki red beans and it taste like a frozen anko and it's not that sweet!

Azuki Bar by Imuraya is a Muslim-friendly ice-cream as it doesn't contain any non-halal ingredients but now they've produced a Halal-certified Japanese Ice Cream Bars in Malaysia, approved by Jakim!

There will be 3 flavours;

  1. Red Bean: A classic Imuraya Azuki bar (similar like the one in Japan!)
  2. Matcha: The ice cream is covered with a matccha late ice using Uji Matcha (Kyoto) and filled with Azuki in the inside. This would definitely bring us back to Japan in one bite!
  3. Milk - A popular combination in Japan, creamy milk ice with Azuki red beans!

This ice-creams will be available in Sept 2021 in Malaysia with an estimated selling price of RM1.20~

We hope this will be available in Japan and other countries too!


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