Is the bread available in Japan Halal?

Halal Food May 6, 2022

This article provides useful information on whether bread available in Japan is Halal or not, as well as useful information on buying bread in Japan.

Is Bread in Japan Halal?

Basically, bread available in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores may contain oil derived from pork. It may also contain oil from other meats.

They may also contain small amounts of alcohol in the flavorings.

In addition, bread that can be bought at bakeries may also be prepared with a pig's hair brush during the cooking process.

So, unfortunately, it is necessary to be careful when buying bread in Japan.

However, here are some ways to find halal bread in Japan.

Tips for finding Halal bread in Japan

1. Find stores that sells vegan bread.

While few bakeries are halal certified, the number of bakeries offering vegan options has been on the rise recently. In especially Tokyo and Osaka, you can find many of them.

[↓Vegan bakeries in Tokyo are introduced in this article↓]

Three vegan bakeries in Tokyo :Want to try vegan bread?
Vegan breads, which are free of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, have beentrendy in Japan. Including not only halal certified restaurants, but alsovegan-compliant stores, you will find thousands of stores and restaurants inJapan.This trend can be attributed to the growing health conscious…

2. Check the ingredients when buying bread at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Ingredients especially likely to be found in bread are below:


For emulsifier with explanation 大豆由来 daizu yurai (soybean-derived) or 植物由来 (plant-derived) may be permissible.

2ショートニングshootoningushortening (derived from both animal and plant)
3マーガリンmaagarinmargarine  (derived from both animal and plant)
4醤油shooyusoy sauce
5味噌misomiso (Japanese fermented soybean paste)
6醸造酢jouzouzubrewed vinegar
9発酵調味料hakkou choumiryoufermented seasoning
10アミノ酸amino sanamino acid
11生クリームnama kuriimufresh cream


In this article, tips for those who come to Japan and want to eat bread are introduced.

Hopefully, the number of Halal-certified breads will increase in Japan in the future!


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