Three vegan bakeries in Tokyo :Want to try vegan bread?

Tokyo May 3, 2022

Vegan breads, which are free of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, have been trendy in Japan. Including not only halal certified restaurants, but also vegan-compliant stores, you will find thousands of stores and restaurants in Japan.
This trend can be attributed to the growing health consciousness.

1. Setagayadaita(世田谷代田)[Universal Bakes and Cafe]

Universal Bakes and Cafe has a store in Setagaya Daita along the Odakyu line; it is a 100% vegan bakery with several eat-in spaces inside.
Universal Bakes and Cafe opened on May 22, 2020. It is the first vegan specialty bakery in Tokyo. They have a wide variety of breads.

Universal Bakes and Cafe

| Location: | 〒155-0033 5-9-15 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo |
| Regular holidays: | Mondays and Tuesdays |
| Access: |1 minute walk from Setagaya-Daita Station on the Odakyu Line|
| Phone number: |03-6335-4972|
| Instagram: | |

2.Daikanyama(代官山) [Hatena Daikanyama]

Hatena Daikanyama is located a short walk from Daikanyama Station. It is a completely vegan food restaurant.
Hatena Daikanyama is characterized by its focus on organic ingredients. When you hear the words "vegan" and "organic," it might be easy to imagine healthy food, but the concept of Hatena Daikanyama is junk food. You can enjoy various kinds of donuts and burgers.

Hatena Daikanyama

| Location: | 〒150-0034 1F Daikanyama Fudosan, 10-3 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo|
| Regular holidays: | Mondays *Closed on certain days |
| Access: |3 minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line|
| Phone number: |03-6416-4270|
| Instagram: | |

3.Kugayama(久我山) [Pain de BRUN]

Pain de BRUN, a short walk from Kugayama Station, is a vegan bakery that is open every day except Monday.
They have a wide variety of prepared breads that are perfect for lunch or breakfast, as well as sweet breads that are perfect as snacks.

Pain de BRUN

| Location: | Shin-ei Mansion 1F, 5-6-16 Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo |
| Regular holidays: | Monday|
| Access: |4 minutes walk from Kugayama Station on Keio Inokashira Line|
| Phone number: |03-5941-3613|
| Instagram: ||

All of the bakeries mentioned in this article offer take-out.
It is nice to eat in the store, but it is also great to eat in a nearby park while feeling the nature.
When you come to Tokyo, you could try their vegan breads.

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