Muslim Friendly Snacks You Should Buy As Souvenirs from Japan

Halal Food Dec 9, 2016

Have you ever posted your travel photos in Facebook and everybody be like “Don’t forget to bring me souvenirs!” :P


You probably knew this so well if you travel quite often #BraceYourslef. Now you are wondering what to take home as souvenirs from your Japan holiday? These 8 Muslim Friendly snacks are worth to buy so you could share the taste of Japan to your friends and loved ones at home.

1. Meiji Pudding

pudding snack muslim friendly

If you watched the movie “My Boss My Hero”, You will totally feel the struggle of fighting for the limited and most wanted pudding in the school. Now you can bring this legendary pudding to your home. This Meiji pudding can be consumed by Muslim as confirmed by Join Halal Items on October 2014.

pudding snack muslim friendly

2. Meiji Almond & Macademia

Chocolate snack muslim friendly

Are you a chocolate lover? these Macadamia and almond choco from Meiji brand is perfect for you. It is alcohol-free and uses plant-based emulsifier as mentioned in their product details in Rakuten.

3. Koikeya Karamucho Hot Chili

potato chips snack muslim friendly

Credit to Amazon

Do you like potato chips so much? make sure to buy the hot chilli variant of Koikeya Karamucho. It is the only variant that does not contain any animal derived ingredients as stated in their product details in Koikeya.


4. Lotte Koala No Machi

koala snack muslim friendly

Credit to Amazon

Don’t be ordinary, go for something different and pick this cuties koala biscuit for your souvenirs. Do not worry about the halal status as they only use plan based ingredients in their product.

5. Royce’ Pure Chocolate

Chocolate snack muslim friendly

The pure chocolate from Royce is made from pure chocolate and fresh milk. It let you taste soft and delicious chocolate packed in small chips, perfect to share with your friends and family. It also only uses plant-derived ingredients in its product.

6. Bourbon Alfort

biscuit snack muslim friendly

You can never go wrong with biscuit because who doesn’t love biscuit? Bourbon Alfort biscuit is made from whole-grain flour mixed with a rich milk chocolate and other halal friendly ingredients as confirmed by Halal Foods in Japan on May 2015.

7. Bourbon Chocochips & Butter Cookies

biscuit snack muslim friendly

Try this soft and chewy butter cookies and choco chips from Bourbon. Its shortening and emulsifier are plant-based as checked by Halal Japan on May 2016.

8. Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate

potato chip chocolate snack muslim friendly

You like a potato but you want chocolate too? why not both! Royce potato chip chocolate offers a sensation of sweet choco on the outside and crunchy savoury chips in the inside. The ingredients used are all Muslim friendly too. See here for more detail on Royce Potatochip Chocolate.

So, have you decided what souvenir will You bring from Japan? If you also want to taste Halal signature Japanese dish while you are in Japan, don’t forget to download Halal Navi. You can search Halal restaurant nearby your place and see where other Muslim foodies are having their meals!

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Now that you’ve checked out MUSLIM FRIENDLY SNACKS YOU SHOULD BUY AS SOUVENIRS FROM JAPAN, its time to hit the streets and get going! There are more to discover along the way! To experience Tokyo’s main highlights within a day, you can get the tour ticket through Klook here.

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