11 Best Things To Do in Kagoshima During Any Season with Halal Info!

hawaii of japan Mar 2, 2018

Pack your bags because it's time to discover 'The Hawaii of Japan”, Kagoshima! If it’s not your first trip to Japan and you want a different experience other than Tokyo and Kyoto, Kagoshima is the right place for you to visit. Kagoshima is located on the Southernmost part of Kyushu and it's called the “Hawaii” due to it's volcanic tropical paradise, just like Hawaii! It may sound like its far from the big cities, worry not as you can travel to Kagoshima from Osaka cheaply by bullet train *yay* All you need is a JR Pass and you can travel anywhere in Japan, even by Shinkansen(bullet train)! There are so many things to do, but here’s a sneak peek of how you can enjoy Kagoshima, the volcanic tropical paradise. Come and start the adventure with NyaRan cat!

cat Halal Navi

Credit to Giphy

1. Say Hello to Issie-Kun at Lake Ikeda

Issie-kun, who? If your guess is a human, *buzzer* its actually a loch ness! Issie-kun is a legendary creature that is rumoured to be lingering in the sea (yeap 233 meters deep).  If you're a Doraemon fan you might remember that Nobita & Doraemon found a loch ness called Nesshi-kun in a lake nearby, and well apparently Issie-kun is like its family!  Fun fact, Lake Ikeda is the biggest caldera lake in Kyushu and was formed over 6,400 years ago by volcanic activity.

Lake Ikeda Kagoshima

Issie-kun, a legendary loch ness by Halal Navi

2. Surround yourself with yellow flowers at Lake Ikeda

Spring comes early in Kagoshima! Other than saying hello to Isshi-Kun, you can also enjoy the early spring at Lake Ikeda, Ibutsuki! Here you can enjoy a large field of "Nanohana", a yellow flower that can be seen all around Ibutsuki City.  The best time for you to visit Lake Ikeda is between January - February where you get to experience the combination of  Nanohana in full bloom, clear blue Lake Ikeda, and the lush greeny Mt Kaimondake!

Lake Ikeda Kagoshima

Hello Spring, You're gorgeous! by Ikidane Nippon


AddressNakahama Ikeda Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0312
  • 1 h 5 min from Ibusuki station
  • About 1 h 35 min by car from Kagoshima Airport
  • About 1 h 20 min by car from Kagoshima City
  • About 25 min by car from JR Ibusuku Station
Opening Hours 24 hours
 Entrance Fee Free
More info onLake Ikeda

3. Literally Grab Your Lunch at Tosenkyo Somen Noodles, Ibutsuki

If you're around Ibutsuki, make sure you stop by at Tosenkyo Somen Noodles and experience lunch like the true Kagoshima-ians! Nagashi Soumen (flowing noodles) is a famous dish in Japan especially during Summer because it is very refreshing, but in Kagoshima, it's a year-long dish. Although not all Nagashi Somen in Japan is Halal because of the broth used as the dipping sauce, Tosenkyo Somen Noodles offers a Muslim-friendly menu upon reservation! Other than enjoying fresh noodles in the deep forest, you get to also enjoy a typical Japanese lunch from 1,000Yen. It comes with freshly grilled fish , some onigiri, miso soup and condiments so you get to eat till your stomach burst!


Address5967 Kaimonju-cho, Ibutsuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken
AccessTosenkyo Somen Nagashi is 30 minutes by Kagoshima City bus from Ibusuki Station. Get off at Tosenkyo (Tosen Gorge).
Opening Hours 10:00 - 17:00 (may vary depending on time of year)
 Halal Info Halal Menu are available upon reservation
More info onTosenkyo Somen Noodles

4. Get Close-Up View of Satsuma Fuji at JR Nishi-Oyama Station

Welcome to the southernmost train station in Japan! Get excited because you're about to witness the amazing view of the Kaimondake volcano aka 'Satsuma Fuji' live in action. Mt. Kaimon is called Satsuma Fuji because it looks like the oh-so-famous Mt. Fuji! So don't be sad if you didn't get to see Mt. Fuji, cause there's another Fuji in Kagoshima!

Nishi oyama kagoshima

Look at that Satsuma Fuji!  by Halal Navi


Address603-2 Yamagawaōyama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0514
  • About 15 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by bus or train.
  • 17 minutes train ride from JR Ibusuki Station, but please opt for another option due to the infrequent train service.
Opening HoursOpen throughout the year, but the travel guide station open from 8:00 until 17:00 (no holiday).
Entrance FeeFree
More info onNishi-Oyama Station

5. Send Happiness through Yellow Postbox of Happiness

While being mesmerized by the scenery, you can send your happiness to your loved ones! Purchase postcards from the store called "Kyutaro Nakazono" located in front of the station and drop them at the magical yellow postbox near Nishi-Oyama Station, called the "Yellow Postbox That Sends Happiness" !


Send a postcard to your loved ones! by Halal Navi


Address603-2 Yamagawaōyama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0514
  • About 15 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station by bus or train.
  • 17 minutes train ride from JR Ibusuki Station, but please opt for another option due to the infrequent train service.
Opening HoursOpen throughout the year, but the travel guide station opens from 8:00 until 17:00 (no holiday).
Entrance FeeFree
More info onNishi-Oyama Station

6. Experience Muslim Friendly Sand Bath at Sand Bath Hall ' Saraku'

Have you ever heard of a Sand Bath? Well, it's a little bit different from tayammum :p If you plan to visit Kagoshima, your trip won't be complete without getting steamed like a pau inside the sand bath. The sand here is not your typical sand as it's temperature can go up to 50 °C!  Which is why this is the best place to get steamed as you will be covered by hot sand, front and back, for about 10 minutes, and all your dead skin cells will generally come off leaving your skin refreshed!


Immerse in the environment by Kagoshima

The best part is, they have Muslim-friendly facilities! You can make reservations and inform them that you're a Muslim and would like to use the private changing rooms to change into yukata, and also a shower room for you to shower after the sand bath! During the sandbath, you can ask for a female staff to help you out , so worry no more about your aurat 😉


This the private room that you can request by Halal Navi


Address5-25-18, Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima, 891-0406, Japan
  • About 15 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station
  • 4 min bus ride from Ibusuku-eki-mae bus stop to Sunamushi-kaikan-mae bus stop
Opening HoursOpen daily throughout the year 8:30 - 20:30 (close at 21:00)
  • Will close early during peak season.
  • The bathhouse will be closed between 12:00 to 13:00 for cleaning (except Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)
  • Temporarily closed for equipment inspection on Tuesday on the second week of July and December.
Admission FeeSand Bath *fee inclusive yukata & Hot Spring Bath only Adult (13 years old and above ):  *¥1,080 / ¥610 Children (12 years old and below): *¥590 / ¥300
More info onSand Bath Hall 'Saraku'

7. Eat Fresh Onsen Tamago & Imo at Yamakawa Hot Sand Bath 'Sayuri'

After coming out from the sand bath, your mind and body will feel refresh but your stomach will growl for sure!

Located nearby Saraku, you can enjoy some fresh & hot Onsen Tamago or Yaki-Imo (sweet potatoes) at the entrance for ¥50! Don't worry about it being non-Halal as they only use the steam from the oh-so-hot sand and fresh eggs/ potatoes. Be careful though as it is super hot and make sure to use the salt dip provided, for the extra taste 😉


Fresh hot Tamago to munch after sand bath by Halal Navi


Address3339-3 Yamagawafukumoto, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken 891-0511
  • 6 min from JR Ibusuki Station - JR Yamagawa Station (JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line) one way.
  • 26 min by from Ibusuki-ekimae bus stop, alight at Fushimeguchi bus stop and walk for about 11 min.
  • 10 min drive from Yamagawa Station
Opening HoursOctober to June: 9:00 to 17:30 July and August: 9:00 to 19:00 September: 09:00 to 18:00
Admission Fee Sand bath price for Adults ¥820, Children ¥460
More info onYamakawa Hot Sand Bath 'Sayuri'

8. Visit World Cultural Heritage Site at Sengan-en Garden

Are you a World Cultural Heritage Hunter? Well, come and explore Sengan-en Garden, which has been around in the Shimadzu family for over 350 years! If you're near Kagoshima port, make it as your first destination to explore in Kagoshima! We advise you to spend more than 1 hour here as the park is so huge! Not only you can enjoy the nature that surrounds it and a clear view of Sakurajima Volcano and Kinko Bay, but you get to experience yourself how Prince Shimadzu lives 350 years ago while strolling inside their house. Other than the traditional architecture, you can also hike the hills inside the park for a better view of Sakurajima. To enjoy Senganen to the fullest, visit the garden in November to enjoy the full bloom and colourful flowers during their annual Chrysanthemum Festival.

Sengan-en garden

Chrysanthemum Festival at the garden by Halal Navi

sengan-en garden sakurajima

View of Sakurajima from Sengan-en Garden by Halal Navi


Address9700-1 Yoshinocho, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima
  • 30 minutes by bus from Kagoshima Chuo Station & get off at the Sengan-en Mae bus stop.
  • 10 minutes by bus at Kagoshima Station & get off at the Sengan-en Mae bus stop.
  • 40 minutes by taxi or car from the airport, take the Aira Expressway Route 10.
  • Take 15 mins ride from Sakurajima Ferry - Sakurajima footbridge (10 mins walk) - Kagoshima Aquarium bus stop (Suizokukan Iriguchi - 10 mins by bus) - Sengan-en Mae bus stop.
Opening HoursOpen throughout the year (Closed on Kagoshima Marathon's Day) 8.30 AM to 17:30PM
Admission feeEntrance fee to Sengan-en only Adult ¥1,000 / Child (7-15 years old) ¥500 Entrance fee + The House Adult ¥1,300 / Child (7-15 years old) ¥650
More info onSengan-en Garden

9.  Cruise your way to Sakurajima

It may sound intimidating to stroll around an active volcano but it will be the best part of your Kagoshima trip! You can take a ferry ride near Senganen Garden, either with your car or just you. This ferry will take you from Mainland to Sakurajima, an island with an active volcano.  We advise you to sit on the deck view on the upper floor so you can take in the view of Mt. Sakurajima, just waiting for you!

sakurajima ferry

24-hour ferry service back forth Kagoshima City & Sakurajima  by Halal Navi


〒892-0814 Kagoshima-ken, Kagoshima-shi, Honkōshinmachi, 4-1
AccessKagoshima City tram (both lines): 5-minute walk from Suizokukanguchi (Aquarium) JR (train): 12-minute walk from JR Kagoshima Station 15-minute walk from Tenmonkan
Opening Hours24 hours
Admission Fee160Yen/ adult 1150 yen one way for 3-4 meter long cars 1600 yen one way for 4-5 meter long cars
More info onSakurajima

10.  Enjoy a warm foot-spa at Sakurajima

Upon arriving at Sakurajima, you should make stop at Sakurajima Visitor Center to learn more about the history of Sakurajima Island and then treat yourself with warm foot bath, just a minutes walk to Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park Foot Bath! Not only you get to warm up your feet but you get to warm up your eyes with the beautiful view of Kagoshima mainland and also Mount Sakurajima and guess what? It's completely free! Just don't forget to bring a towel to dry off your feet afterwards!

Yogan Nagisa Park Foot Bath

Get a free foot bath at Yogan Nagisa Park Foot Bath near the visitor center by Halal Navi


11-1 Yamashita-cho,Kagoshima 892-8677, Kagoshima Prefecture
  • About 15 minutes by ferry from Kagoshima Port
Phone+81 99-216-1344
Opening Hours9:00 AM ~ Sunset
Admission Fee  Free
More info onSakurajima

11. Get Closer to the Animals and Nature at Takachiho Farm

Sometimes you need to be one with nature and Takachiho farm is perfect place!  There are tons of activities to do such as ice cream or butter workshop, petting animals and also milking the cows. If that's not enough, you can just sit around and enjoy the view of Mount Kirishima with a fresh handmade ice cream in hand. Isn't that just too awesome?


Get closer to the animals in Takachiho Farm by Halal Navi


Just chilling and soak your feet while enjoying the view by Halal Navi


Address5265-103, Yoshimonoto-cho, Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki, 885-0223
  • 15 minutes from Kirishima-jingu Station by car
  • 1 hour 10 minutes by car from Miyazaki City OR by bus to Takachiho Bokujo bus stop
Opening HoursApril - October: 9:00 until 17:30 November - March: 9:00 until 17:00 *Closed on first and third Tuesdays of the month (no holidays from April to October)
Admission feeFree entrance *Each workshop have their own fees.
More info onTakachiho Farm

So are you ready to pack your bags and head down to Kagoshima for an adventure? If you are, don't forget to purchase your JR Pass so you can travel to Kagoshima from Osaka in just 4 hours by bullet train! Not only you get to travel to Kagoshima by bullet train, you get to travel anywhere in Japan using this JR Pass for the price of one. All you need is to visit this link and purchase it online before your trip!

JR Pass
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