10 Most Popular Halal Restaurants In Halal Navi (March 2017)

Halal Food Apr 12, 2017

Japan's charm as a Muslim friendly tourism destination is increasingly well-known. They even won World’s best Non OIC emerging Halal destination in World Halal tourism award last year. Many Halal friendly restaurants were opened in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto which gives us plenty of options to eat while in Japan. But too much of a choice can be a headache too. So out of all this restaurants which are the best place to have a meal? We've asked our Halal Navi foodies and here are the top 10 popular restaurants in Halal Navi on March 2017!

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10. Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri, Osaka

Trying the authentic Japanese restaurants is definitely a must while you are in Japan. But finding Halal friendly Japanese restaurant is not easy. Worry not, our Muslim foodies have chosen Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri in Osaka to satisfy our taste bud with their variety of Japanese delicacy. Try naming all Japanese dishes you could think of; ramen, sushi, okonomiyaki, gyoza, and what else? They have like literally almost everything! The main highlight of this restaurant is you can cook your own takoyaki here! Definitely not something you will experience everyday *wink*

Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri

Seafood Okonomiyaki by AiReview on Halal Navi :

"This restaurant is recommended for Muslims in Osaka. We can make our own takoyaki. If you like some spicy food, Sano ramen is the spicy one. This restaurant also have a halal Japanese Roll Cake for the dessert. The staffs are really friendly. They also have a prayer room. Really nice! 😊." - Ai
Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri

We can make our own takoyaki in Matsuri by Ai


Address3-27-17 Yoshino Fukushima-ku Osaka, Osaka
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, owner/staff are Muslim
Prayer roomAvailable
More info Japanese Food Restaurant Matsuri

9. Sushiken Asakusa, Tokyo

What comes to your mind every time you think of Japan? *whisper* sushi! *high-five*. Just thinking of it makes our mouth watering, goodness! And of course no sushi are as good as the authentic sushi made in Japan! So why don't you give Sushiken Asakusa a try? It's the first Halal certified sushi restaurant in Japan. Among the popular Halal dishes you can try here are Anago bowl, Japanese set dish and sushi set dish.

Sushiken Asakusa

Japanese cuisine set by Najah Nasseri

Review on Halal Navi :

"I've been here twice for dinner and the sushi never disappoints. The sushi sets are more than adequate, with chawanmushi and miso soup (extra yummy with the sweetness of the prawn head). The set with various washoku items lets you try different dishes in small portions (tempura, nikujaga, pickles etc) as well as sushi. The rice bowls are also quite large.

We tried the unagi rice bowl and it was delicious. There is a takeout menu as well with simpler items like inarizushi that's pretty good and reasonably priced. They also have a kids' sushi set with sushi without the wasabi, inarizushi, grilled mashed potatoes and other items. The staff assigned to the upstairs area speak English well, if you need further explanation on the dishes.." - Najah Nasseri
Sushiken Asakusa

Sushi set C by Najah Nasseri


AddressAsakusa 2-11-4, Taito, Tokyo
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, owner/staff are Muslim
Prayer roomAvailable
More infoSushiken Asakusa

8. Ali's Kitchen, Osaka

Ali's kitchen is a very famous Halal Indian-Pakistani restaurants in Osaka. Located near Shinsaibashi station, it is just a perfect dining destination after a long day of exploring Shinsaibashi. They are very famous for their biryani rice that has a rich flavour and aroma from the many spices used in the cooking. If you are not a fan of biryani, they also serves many kind of Arabic foods like kebab, falafel and Humus. And not like any other Indian restaurant, Ali's kitchen has the oh-so-famous Halal Wagyu beef steak on their menu! *Jaw dropping*

Biryani in ali's kitchen osaka

Mandi Lamb by Muslim Tourist

Review on Halal Navi :

"I have been to this restaurant.. The original taste of Pakistani food I ever tried in Japan. Bit expensive, however. Highly recommended if you are visiting Osaka for short duration and interested in tasting traditional Pakistani food." - Awais Rashid
Wagyu beef steak in Ali's Kitchen

Wagyu beef steak in Ali's Kitchen by Muslim Tourist


AddressChuo-ku, Shinsaibashi Suji 1-10-12 B1, Osaka, Osaka
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are halal, owner/staff are Muslim, uses separate utensils for Halal dishes
Prayer roomAvailable
More infoAli's Kitchen

7. Gyumon Shibuya, Tokyo

Craving for barbeque beef while in Tokyo? Gyumon Shibuya is a perfect place to get a full experience of Japanese Yakiniku. You get to be the chef for the day and grill the beef to your own preference. Even if you happened to be an amateur in cooking, don't worry! The beef here has been perfectly seasoned beforehand, so your cooking will never go wrong in Gyumon.

The set menu range from 3000 yen - 4000 yen which differs in the type of meat served for each set. Since it's quite famous, make sure you make a reservation beforehand to avoid a full house!

Gyumon Shibuya

Sizzling the beef in marble by El Djazari

Review on Halal Navi :

"Totemo oishikatta desu! I first came to this place about a year ago and the delicious taste of the beef meat served here still lingers in my mouth today. My family of 4 and I had a 4000 yen BBQ set. Definitely not enough as it was really tasty. I particularly like the sauce that comes with the meat. I will come back for more soon.." - Ainuddin Hilmi
Menu in Gyumon Shibuya

Menu in Gyumon Shibuya by Muzie Zairie


Address3-14-5 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are halal, owner/staff are Muslim, uses separate utensils for Halal dishes, alcohols are served
More infoGyumon Shibuya

6. Ramen Honolu, Osaka

Finally a Halal and delicious ramen restaurant is on the list! Ramen Honolu is very popular among locals and tourist with their spicy but umai broth. Our Muslim foodies just can't help but fall in love with their ramen. Well, who doesn’t? Their tasty broth will make you slurp down all the noodles and broth in no time. Beside ramen, they also have the famous halal gyouza from Nikkoken and delicious roasted chicken. So? the choice is yours 😉

Ramen Honolu

Spicy fried chicken ramen by Ruby Umm Khalid

Review on Halal Navi :

"Walked a bit from Namba Station but it was well worth it. We came just before it closes at 2:30pm to be opened again at 5.30pm. The 3 of us ordered different sets and were all satisfied with our bowl of ramen. The broth is freshly made with their own concoction of spices. I was in ramen heaven. I Asked for spicy, with fried chicken - If this is not authentic ramen, I don't know what is. Don't forget to compliment the chef, he'd be so happy when you tell him 'Oiishi!'" -Ruby Umm Khalid
Ramen Honolu

Delicious spicy ramen with affordable price for set menu of chicken bowl by Ashlih


AddressMotomachi, 2-5-27, 1F, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are halal, owner/staff are Muslim, uses separate utensils for Halal dishes, alcohols are served
More infoRamen Honolu

5. Hanasakaji-san, Tokyo

Hanasakaji-san is one of the few Halal japanese restaurants you can find in Tokyo. The Halal lantern outside the entrance makes it easy for you to locate this restaurant. All time favourite menus here are Halal Washoku and Halal Shabu-shabu that you can get from 4,000 - 4,500 yen. Although it might sound a bit pricey, once you taste their halal Japanese beef dipped in the bonito sauce, you won't regret every penny you spent in this restaurant.


Shabu-shabu set by Najah Nasseri

Review on Halal Navi :

"We (myself, husband & toddler) walked in on a Thursday night and managed to secure a place at the bar (tables were full). The halal menu for the night was Shabu Shabu and Gozen (bento) and we ordered both. The wagyu beef was succulent and the dipping sauce just perfectly complemented it. Bento set had grilled fish, seafood salad, sashimi and tempura which were all delicious. Although expensive, we thought it was worth it!

Tip: if you follow the directions from Halal Navi map, you'll end up in front of HeartMan Guitars. The eatery is just opposite of this store..'" - Liyana Bahari
Hanasakaji-san appereance

The restaurant appearance from outside by Dian Nofianti


Address3-22 Sakura-bldg. B1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, Halal dishes are available upon request, some non Halal dishes are served, alcohols are served.
More infoHanasakaji-san

4. KENNY Asia, Osaka

You might have never thought you will listen to a Malaysian song while dining in Osaka. Well you’ll do if you go to Kenny Asia. They love to play Malaysian songs while their customers enjoy the Malaysian foods they serve. You can find many type of Malay dishes here; from spicy sambal to sweet desserts! You can even find USA fried rice here! (Don't get deceived though because USA stands for Udang Sotong Ayam (Prawn, Squid and Chicken) 😛 )

Fried rice in Kenny Asia

Fried rice in Kenny Asia by Ainunul KhalilahReview on Halal Navi :

"Came twice during my three nights stay in Osaka. Malaysian ambience with Era fm radio to lift up the mood. Marginally taste but perhaps good enough for Malaysians longing for our very own taste. The cinnamon-flavored Teh Tarik isn't your neighborhood "mamak"-certified one yet satisfying enough during cold night. The owner is a non Muslim Malaysian, which understandably serves alcohol though." - Audi Diana
KENNY Asia appereance

Kenny Asia restaurant by Kawasaki No Izu


AddressAioi Building 1F, 1-7-25 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Halal tips*Halal status verbally confirmed by staff, all meats used are Halal, alcohols are served
More infoKENNY Asia

3. Ayam-Ya Okachimaci, Tokyo

One of the best Halal ramen in Japan one must try! Ayam-Ya is very famous with its spicy and thick chicken broth, they even offer a special menu of extra-rich chicken ramen. You will be satisfied not only with their yummy ramen but also with the comfortable space and the fast serving. It's very close to Okachimaci Mosque so you won't have to worry about not having a place to pray after the meal!

Ayam-Ya Okachimachi

Spicy chicken ramen by Raseedah W. Idris

Review on Halal Navi :

"The spicy ramen with eggs is so delicious My wife and I came here 3 times during our 10-day stay in Tokyo They have muslim waitresses The shop is 1 minutes walk from Naka-Okachimachi and 1 minute walk to Assalam Mosque I really hope Japan will increase the number of Halal restaurants and Mosques." - Aizad Dzulkifli
Ayam-Ya Okachimachi

Salt flavoured ramen by Sumaiya Mahabub


Address4−10−1 Yamada Building, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, all meats used are Halal, owner/staff are Muslim
More infoAyam-ya Okachimaci

2. Ganko Houzenji Branch, Osaka

Ganko is a Japanese chain restaurant which serves Halal menu in two of their branches, Houzenji (Osaka) and Sanjyo Honten (Kyoto). To try the Halal menu, you have to make a reservation at least three days in advance. They have three sets of Halal menu that you can choose; Uji (3,564 yen), Arashiyama (5,940 yen) and Gion (8,316 yen). Each set comes with salad, grilled dish, fried dish, sushi, hot-pot and dessert. If you opt for Uji set, you will get an extra crab and noodle in the set. While if you order Gion set, you will get an extra crab, noodles and steamed dish.

Ganko Houzenji Branch

Arashiyama set via Mufieandherstuff

Review on Halal Navi :

"Make sure to make reservations at 06-6212-6550 three days in advance for halal meal." - Kawasaki No Izu

Halal beef-suki-shabu hot-pot that comes with Gion set via aniceholiday


AddressChuo-ku, Nanba 1-2-2, Osaka, Osaka
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, Halal dishes are available upon request, some non-Halal dishes are served, alcohols are served
More infoGanko Houzenji branch

1. Naritaya Asakusa, Tokyo

And the number one most popular restaurant in Halal Navi this March goes to..... *drum roll* Naritaya Asakusa! It's a very famous Halal ramen restaurant that operates under a noodle producer company that supply ramen noodle to their own restaurant. No wonder they can maintain their high-quality ramen! Located in the never-sleep district in Tokyo, Naritaya is almost always crowded and full of visitors. Nevertheless, the ramen here is definitely worth fighting for.


Super Asakusa Ramen with soup by Ufni

Review on Halal Navi :

"Finally, I went there. After my shift end, with my friend wanna taste original Japanese ramen and naritaya is one of the halal Japanese ramen restaurant. When I went there, staff is very kind and full of smile. Because this is my first time,so I ask them which one recommendation. I choose super asakusa ramen with soup (big portion+ramen+chicken+boiled egg+nori) actually I forgot because have many toppings and the price is 1200yen I also bought gyoza (500yen) It's very delicious.." - Ufni

Gyouza in Naritaya Asakusa by Ufni


Address2-7-13, Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo
Halal tips*Halal certificate is visible, owner/staffs are Muslim, all meats used are halal, uses separate utensils for Halal dishes, prayer space available, alcohols are served.
More info Naritaya Asakusa

So, have you decided which restaurants you want to go to? Well if you if you have the chance, why don't you go to all of them? :p. With the new feature in our apps, you can now save the restaurants offline and open it later even without an internet connection!

*Disclaimer: The halal tips provided in this article are contributed by Halal Navi’s user. Readers are advised to confirm the Halal status with restaurant owners.


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