WA. Nishi Azabu : Experience the art of Japanese Kaiseki


For the start of Reiwa era, Halal Navi will be introducing WA restaurant in Nishi Azabu. A restaurant where you can experience the art of japanese fine dining.


Kaiseki Set by Wa.Nishi Azabu

Kaiseki is an experience that not only emphasize on to "Eat", but also the "food experience" itself. The food serve is delicious to taste in your mouth and also delicious for the viscera (healthy for your internal digestion organ). In the "Wa" restaurant, they provide customers with a stress-free meal by creating a course meal that emphasizes on: "food that warm the body" and " do not add unnecessary additives". This is also why they don't have a fixed menu and will change them weekly. The chef tries to maintain the original taste by not using unnecessary seasoning and additives as much as possible, it is possible to give you the taste of healthy, delicious and eye pleasing dishes by using the ingredients from the four seasons.

WA restaurant have few special menus that cater to Muslim such as vegetarian and seafood course. To eat here, you have to make a reservation one day before by calling the restaurant.

WA now offering “Vegetable Course Menu” which Muslim and vegans can enjoy.

1. Seasonal vegetable soup Soup made only with vegetables without using fresh cream 2. Assorted boiled vegetable An appetizer of vegetables which consist about 8 to 10 type of vegetables The vegetable contains natural flavoring with controlled amount of salt, and the umami (savory and is characteristic of broths and cooked ingredients) taste of vegetables is most pronounced 3. Special pasta Everything from noodles to sauces is made from vegetable WA play a part with many assorted tastes and is each part is selected carefully to enhance the strong taste 4. Today's Special A main dish satisfying and serving only vegetables The platter is a dish with a great deal of taste 5. A mix of rice with seasonal vegetable WA offer mixed rice using the finest type of rice Depending on the season, WA may also offer for ochazuke in this menu 6. Seasonal fruit dessert A new-sense dessert that does not use any sugar and artificial sweeteners You can enjoy the sweetness of the pure fruit The dessert may be offered in various dessert type including plate and parfait, also mousse according to occasion 7. Souvenir rice ball Rice ball complementary of the restaurant Please enjoy it if you are still hungry


This restaurant is only 15 minutes walk from Roppongi Station.

Address B1F 4-10-1 Rapoto NishiAzabu, Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours 18:00〜23:00(L.O 22:30)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wa.nishiazabu/
Homepage 倭 [WA] Nishi Azabu

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