Mihama-En Japanese Garden, Finding Tranquility in the City

Chiba Mar 26, 2020

Life in a city can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. If you are visiting Chiba City and looking for a place away from all the city buzz, we highly recommend you make a stop to Mihama-en Japanese Garden.

This 1.6 hectares of a beautiful garden is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature that changes every season. This relaxing garden is a breath of fresh air even though it is located in the heart of Makuhari New City Area.

The purpose of this garden is to allow people either locals or foreigners to enjoy traditional Japanese cultures. The Mihama-en garden has been designed with a Chisen (a pond and a fountain) and Kaiyu (walkthrough) style. The peaceful pond is in the center of the garden and other features of the garden expressing the feels of mountains, rivers, seas, and woods.

We recommend you to visit this garden during the fall season. Where the scenery will be absolutely breathtaking and insta-worthy.

The garden is operated by Makuhari Seaside Park. The entrance fee is only 100Yen for adults and 50Yen for children. For those of 65 years old above and disabled persons, they can enter for free.


The one experience you need to check out is the “Shoraitei”(Tea Room) in the garden where you can enjoy a Matcha experience for only 600Yen! With a stunning view and a sensei that will teach you the right way of drinking Japanese Tea, your Matcha experience will surely be one to be remembered. During your Matcha experience, you will be given a “Wagashi”, Japanese traditional sweets to accompany your green tea. Normally the wagashi are steamed with sake(alcohol) but worry not as with Mihama-En’s Matcha Experience, you’ll be receiving an Alcohol-free Wagashi!

What’s unique about this park that you can rarely get elsewhere is they provide a Japanese paper umbrella for rent, FOR FREE. You can stroll around, relax, take your time and pose with your Japanese umbrella in the beautiful scenery of Mihama-en Japanese Garden. Another post for the gram!

Mihama-en Japanese garden closed about 10 days in one year. For the rest of the days, it is mostly open from 8 in the morning until 5 pm. Do note that the last admission will be at 4.30pm.This garden does provide car parks for those who own vehicles. If you are using public transport, the nearby station will be JR Kaihimmakuhari Station(JE13) which is only about 10 minutes away on foot.

For further info, you can also browse through the:
Website: https://www.seibu-la.co.jp/makuhari/guide/
Address: 2-116 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-0021, Chiba Prefecture
Tel: +81 43-296-0126


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