Finding Halal Wagyu in Chiba City at Yakiniku Shira

Wagyu Mar 27, 2020

No trip will be complete without experience the authentic Wagyu that literally melts in your mouth and to complete your Chiba trip, Yakiniku Shira is here for you!

Yakiniku Shira is located near Chiba Urban Monorail Yoshikawakoen Station (4 minutes walk) and also at a walking distance from Chiba Station (About 14 minutes walk) . Hence, coming to Shira by foot is not a problem! They can also accommodate large groups so be sure to make a reservation before dropping by.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, you will be served the Halal menu. Even though the menu variations are not that much, it was more than enough to satisfy your craving for a good Japanese beef! Here at Shira, there’s a special set menu that only costs 5,500yen/ person and you will be getting this much meat! They even have add-ons such as shrimp and scallop, just in case you’re not full yet.

For the set menu, you will be receiving these 3 plates of meat. You know the meat is good when they have all the marbles that just scream “we will melt inside your mouth”!

Here’s another shot of the meat marbles that guarantee you a good quality of Wagyu!

What we love about Shira is their transparency and effort to make it Halal. Among the menu they disclosed their Halal Certifications just to ease your mind when having your meal. The meat and chicken both are Halal Certified by a local Halal body!

And what even better is they separate all their utensils and tools for their Halal menu! So although they do serve non-halal menu as well, you can rest assured there will be no cross-contamination. All Halal-menu utensils are labeled as below where they tie a gold ribbon to it, especially the tongs and the grill.

And it’s time to grill the meat. Hehe. If you don’t know how to grill the meat or want to learn how you can always ask the restaurant’s staff to help you out. Only then you will be able to get the perfect grilled wagyu on your plate!

Overall wagyu-experience in Yakiniku Shira in Chiba was amazing and we will definitely come back here again to enjoy their Wagyu. P.S Be sure to make a reservation 3 days prior to your visit so they can prep the Halal wagyu for you.To find out more about other Halal restaurants and information you can check out Chiba’s Muslim Friendly map!

Information on Yakiniku Shira, Chiba
Address: 3-8-13 Chuo,Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Tel: 043-226-8078


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