Asakusa – Paper Latern Creation Experience

Enjoy the Paper Latern Creation Experience

Assemble your own paper lantern, with a cool kanji character or your favorite image on it. It creates a nice souvenir from your Asakusa visit!



Create your own personalized lantern by placing your name, favorite characters or design on a genuine paper lantern. The lantern is a traditional Japanese craft and they are perfect to give as a gift or keep as a souvenir. The lanterns fold up to become smaller so are quite easy to take home with you.


  • Capacities and times on this web site are rough estimates. For further detail, please contact us. (We will propose the best way to split a large group into suitable size for each program.)
  • Reservations are required before you show up. (Openings might be available on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays without reservations.)
  • Open throughout the year.(No regular holiday)
  • Our staff is able to provide basic English explanations.
  • Please note we might ask a small group to join another group when required.
  • You can take photos, but Video shooting and recording can not be.
  • If you cancel your reservation, you will be charged the cancelling fee.


  • Please let us know the size of your group.
  • Experience participation possible age is over 6 years old. But in case of "Reservation" (option), we will be able to accompany. Please offer at the time of reservation.
  • We may ask you to join with other groups. If you prefer to experience only by yourselves, please let us know when you book.
  • We propose a suitable plan for you in order to meet your request, such as those who cannot sit in a Japanese style and those who are VIP customers. Please feel free to let us know.
  • Available for on-site service.
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