13 Things To Do During Spring In Japan

Read in: English ●  Indonesia Japan never fail to impress us on each of its season but spring seems to have its own charm. Tourists from around the world come to Japan to see Sakura trees blooming. Not only that, many interesting attractions and festivals are also held during spring. And since it’s already March, lets see these 13 things you can do during…

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Top 10 Halal Friendly Ramen In Japan

Who on earth doesn’t like ramen? NOBODY! A bowl of ramen is enough to draw a smile on your face. And of course no ramen in the whole wide world can beat the original ramen made in Japan. The savory taste of its broth, the chewy noodles, the orangey half boiled eggs, the just perfectly cooked meat, the fresh sliced leek, Oh…

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10 Fun Things To Do During Island Hopping From Hiroshima To Shikoku

Read in: English ●  Indonesia It seems like the charm of Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto as three of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan is difficult to surpass. But why not try something different? Let’s venture a little farther to Hiroshima prefecture (yes, wherein lies the city of Hiroshima that was bombed during the Second World War!) and from there, to the island of Shikoku! The Nishiseto Expressway…

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