You Must Visit Nishi Chiba Masjid and Here’s Why

Want to experience the local masjid on your trip? In Chiba city, there’s one masjid that is used by the local Muslims and it is called Nishi Chiba Masjid located next to Nishi Chiba station. How convenient right?
Nishi Chiba Masjid is located at Chiba Islamic Cultural Centre (CICC) where the whole building is now theirs! The Cultural Centre is not only for you to pray but they often organize events and classes and they even have a halal supermarket and cafe on the ground floor. 
Nishi Chiba Masjid separates their floor in two where the wudhu and prayer room for males and females are separated. We were amazed at how well kept the place is and if you don’t have a telekung with you, worry not as they have one you can use inside the closet!
Another point that makes Nishi Chiba Masjid unique is it is located near Chiba University, hence Muslim students often gather here after class and it has become the center of gathering for Muslims in Chiba.
Before heading to your next destination make sure you make a stop at their Halal shop on the first floor. We were amazed at the number of halal products inside the shop! They were a bunch of Made in Japan food products that are suitable to be used as souvenirs and certified Halal by NAHA, a local halal certification body! Do give their Halal ice cream a try too as it is only 150yen!
The Nishi-Chiba Masjid that is in the CICC building is located between Tokyo and Narita International airport. The nearest station will be the JR Nishi chiba station(JB38). It is 2 minutes on foot from the North Exit of Nishi chiba station.
For more information regarding the Nishi-Chiba Masjid, you can also browse through the CICC website. 
Address : Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi, Chuo-ku, Matsunami 2-6-2, CICC Building 4F
Do drop by the masjid for salah or just come and experience Islamic culture in the Chiba City of Japan.

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