[Tokyo / Haneda] Free fishing! Try 2 hours short trip! We can also introduce shops that can cook the fish you caught!

PLAYFUL FISHING, a fishing boat that guides you to fishing experience in Tokyo Bay.




PLAYFUL FISHING, a fishing boat that guides you to fishing in Tokyo Bay. We are the youngest captain in Tokyo Bay who loves comedy! We also fly around the country as a fishing professional. Let alone fishing, we want you to feel extraordinary scenery and scenery and enjoy the best nature play "fishing"! Lectures on fishing and fish habits will be made before departure, so beginners and children can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. We also provide free services for blood removal and nerve tightening so that the fish you catch can be taken home deliciously. Also, don't forget to play and value your excitement and thrilling time.
  For those who want to try fishing
  • who want just to try because you are a beginner
  • who want to fish with your child but you can't do it for a long time
  • Two hours are good because it is maybe too cold or too hot
  • We will introduce a restaurant that cooks your fish! ! You can enjoy it even after fishing! !
  • Perch, horse mackerel (food, azing), black sea bream, green thing, scorpion, rockfish, kiss, octopus, magotchi, GT, gomoku fishing
  • Extra charge for food preparation.
  • Please ask us what kind of fishing you want to do in 2 hours.
  • Lectures by the captain and fishing professional, of course, lure selection, fishing line
  • 11-1 Haneda Asahicho, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • 21,000 Yen
  • 2~3 hours
  • Customers can freely choose which fish to fish in 2 hours!
  • Please contact us first because the fishing fee may change depending on the seasons, and there may be food charges depending on the fishing!
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PLAYFUL FISHING, a fishing boat that guides you to fishing in Tokyo Bay.



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