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10 Fun Things To Do During Island Hopping From Hiroshima To Shikoku

Read in: English ●  Indonesia It seems like the charm of Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto as three of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan is difficult to surpass. But why not try something different? Let’s venture a little farther to Hiroshima Prefecture (yes, wherein lies the city of Hiroshima that was bombed during the Second World War!) and from there, to the island of Shikoku! The Nishiseto Expressway…

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Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Hirosaki

Apples, float festivals, and old pre-Industrial revolution era western architecture. When one embarks a journey to travel in Japan, these are rarely the images envisioned within the minds of a traveller. A trip to Japan consists mainly of Kansai area (Kyoto, Osaka) as well as big bustling metropolitan cities such as Tokyo. But the beauty of the Land of the…

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New Generation Ski School.

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3 Muslim Friendly Ski Resorts In Japan

ead in: English ● Malay ● Indonesia Winter is comiiiing!  Yay *dancing*. What’s the best thing you could do in Japan during winter? Of course skiing! Especially if you are from a tropical country, holding and playing snow might be one of your childhood dream that you can only watch on TV. And as a Muslim, we obviously want our ski resort to be Muslim-friendly,…

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