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The Ultimate Guide To 20+ Halal Foods In Kyoto

If you ever plan to have a trip to Japan, you should never miss Kyoto in your itinerary. Kyoto offers you the authentic Japanese culture experience that you might not get anywhere else. And not only that, they have so many, like sooooo many Halal foods option to pamper Muslim tourists that come to them. From the Japanese foods, Kaiseki…

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11 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In Japan That Will Make You Want To Get Married Now!

Read in: English ●  Indonesia Many would agree that Japan is such a romantic country, especially when we visit this country during the Sakura blossom. But make no mistake! Japanese romance is definitely not limited to Sakura only. There are numerous romantic destinations and activities for your honeymoon with the love of your life. Take a peek at these 11 awesome honeymoon…

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Sakura Kansai

8 Best Spots To See Sakura In Kansai

As spring is approaching, we have promised to write articles of Hanami spots ( Read: Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers) across big cities in Japan. We have made the list of best spots to enjoy Sakura in Tokyo before, so now we want to show you the best places to enjoy hanami in Kansai region. Let’s just stop talking…

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12 Spots To Visit In Just One Day In Kyoto!

Read in: English ●  Indonesia Kyoto, is one of the provinces in Kansai region known for its authentic Japanese culture. They are also one of the pioneer cities that promotes Muslim Friendly Tourism in Japan. So don’t be surprised if you can find a wide variety of Halal restaurants and mosques in this city! Now, if you only have 1 day in…

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13 Kyoto Festivals You Should Attend In 2017

Read in : English ● Malay ● Indonesia Kyoto is famously known as a heritage city and the best destination for those who are looking for an authentic Japanese culture. There are many sites in Kyoto that you must visit while you are in Japan. There’s Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kinkaku-ji, Nijo Castle, Ryoanji Temple and many more! What is more interesting is that there are many…

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Top 10 Muslim Friendly Restaurants In Kansai

Read in : English • Malay • Indonesia As 2017 started, we believe your travel bucket list started too. And we know how you really love and excited for this new exploration because we extremely eager like you do! pic credit giphy What better way to explore Japan other than going through their food culture right? We’ve introduced top 10 Halal restaurants in Tokyo in…

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