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Top 10 Halal Friendly Ramen in Japan

Who on earth doesn’t like ramen? NOBODY! A bowl of ramen is enough to draw a smile on your face. And of course no ramen in the whole wide world can beat the original ramen made in Japan. The savory taste of its broth, the chewy noodles, the orangey half boiled eggs, the just perfectly cooked meat, the fresh sliced leek, Oh…

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Top 10 Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Kansai

Read in : English • Malay • Indonesia As 2017 started, we believe your travel bucket list started too. And we know how you really love and excited for this new exploration, because we extremely eager like you do! pic credit giphy What better way to explore Japan other than going through their food culture right? We’ve introduced top 10 Halal restaurants in Tokyo in…

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10 Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

Read in: English ● Malay ● Indonesia New year 2017 is here, yay! How did you celebrate your new year? Did you watch fireworks or stay at home with your family? Whatever you did, the new year moment is a good time to do self reflection and evaluation of what we have achieved the past year. And we don’t want to be…

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8 Halal Restaurants in Japan Airports

Read in: English ● Malay ● Indonesia As a traveler, spending hours in the airport waiting for our flight can be really tiring. It gets worst when we have to spend our time with a hungry tummy *cry*. Especially when you’re a Muslim, traveling to a Muslim minority country like Japan,  finding Halal restaurants is definitely not easy  *cry louder*.   Credit…

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