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18 Halal Eateries To Accompany Your Trip To Shibuya

Shibuya oh Shibuya, you must have heard a lot about this popular ward in Tokyo. It is a district that gives you a versatile experience from the hippy gipsy Harajuku street, the busy Shibuya crossing, the traditional Meiji shrine, the beautiful Camii Mosque, to the Yoyogi park (oh and not to mention the famous Hachiko statue!). We know you would…

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The Ultimate Guide To 20+ Halal Foods In Kyoto

If you ever plan to have a trip to Japan, you should never miss Kyoto in your itinerary. Kyoto offers you the authentic Japanese culture experience that you might not get anywhere else. And not only that, they have so many, like sooooo many Halal foods option to pamper Muslim tourists that come to them. From the Japanese foods, Kaiseki…

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