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11 Stores In Tokyo To Cater Your Halal Daily Needs

Read in: English ●  Indonesia Are you a Muslim living in Japan and having difficulties in finding Halal foods ingredients for your daily needs? Or are you a Muslim tourist and looking for stores that sell the famous Halal friendly snacks to bring back home as souvenirs? Don’t worry, to save you from the troubles, Halal Navi had developed a feature to…

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10 Muslim Friendly Street Foods You Should Not Miss In Japan

Ever wonder how it feels to be Japanese? At least for one day? Nothing can be more touching than a heartfelt of fitting in the community and to embrace their culture; especially when you are really into it *special shout-out to anime lover and J-drama fan out there!* To get in touch with local culture, one must head to the streets that…

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Muslim Friendly Snacks You Should Buy As Souvenirs from Japan

Read in: English • Malay • Indonesia Have you ever posted your travel photos in Facebook and everybody be like “Don’t forget to bring me souvenirs!” 😛 Credit to Giphy You probably knew this so well if you travel quite often #BraceYourslef. Now you are wondering what to take home as souvenirs from your Japan holiday? These 8 Muslim Friendly snacks are worth to buy…

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