10 Super Unique Vending Machines You Can Find Only in Japan (with Nearby Halal Food Information)

In Dubai, you can buy gold in vending machines, but in Japan, you can find a lot of other super unique items in vending machines! There is a vending machine literally in every corner of Japan even in the most remote spots. In fact, Japan has approximately 5.52 million of them and recognized as the highest number of vending machines in the world. (Ding Ding Ding! Fun fact).

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Vending machine or Jidouhanbaiki business is non-stop expanding in Japan but why? Well, the obvious reason is due to a low crime rate which means there is no concern of stealing or damaging any items. Just like other Japanese creative innovation, they have some mind-blowing features on the vending machine itself. I heard one company came out with facial recognition technology to suggest drinks based on the customer's age and gender. To make this alien experience even more surreal, a coffee company in Japan has also released a smartphone app for a vending machine which can activate a video greeting from your favourite Japanese celebrity! *gasp* Now, tell me what can beat that??? In addition to these strange but convenient features, Japanese vending machines are odd in other sense as well. Can you guess what that is? If you said the items then you are 100% correct! I know you are eager to look at some of these strange things so let’s begin…    

1. Battery

Although every electrical equipment has built-in battery nowadays, we can't deny the old school battery help us in our daily life a few years back. I bet you still used batteries for remote control or if you are a fan of a film camera, this is basically your needs. If you happened to stroll around in the middle of nowhere, you will find at least one machine to save your day in case of emergency! The best part is they have a variety of battery sizes to choose from in one places. Well then, batteries are here to save your life!

vending machine halal navi

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Location of vending machine: Kamigamo Shrine, Kyoto

Prices: Not Available

Halal restaurant nearby : Salman & Sohel Halal Kitchen

2. Neckties

One day, you hear from your boss that you need to give a presentation to executive members and you realize you are not wearing a tie! You go into panic mode and start to wonder about what will happen after you present completely unprepared in front of executive members. Stop right there! Fear not my friends, your neckties are here, conveniently located in one of these several vending machines found in Japan. tie vending machine halal navi

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Location of vending machine: Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Prices: 1,000 yen

Halal restaurant nearby : Mezopotamia

3. Bananas

Didn’t have time for breakfast? Or just need an afternoon or evening snack? You can find this machine basically anywhere in Japan! So, grab a banana from this vending machine at Shibuya Station (exit number 3 on the first basement floor), the heart of Tokyo. Starting from just ¥130 you can get a banana or grab a whole bunch for ¥390 for everyday nutrients. Three cheers to Japan for allowing us all to go bananas for these yummy treats! Hip hip hooray! *wink, wink* picture3

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Location of vending machine: Shibuya Station (exit number 3 on the first basement floor), Tokyo

Prices: 340 - 570 yen

Halal restaurant nearby : Hanasakaji-san

4. Eggs

This might be the weirdest vending machine but no one can deny that eggs are a staple! Okay, you might not need them while you are strolling around outdoors. But you will definitely need them to make that yummy lunch or dinner as you are heading back home. This specific machine is located in the remote mountains of the Northern Hyogo Prefecture. For urbanites, finding eggs in vending machines might seem very odd! But for the people living up in the mountains, this is definitely a godsend! picture4

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Location of vending machine: Nishigaki chicken farm, Hyogo

Prices: 340 - 570 yen

5. Apple 

Need a healthy snack? Then fear not! This apple vending machine will come to your rescue. Conveniently located in Tokyo right outside a train station, this is definitely a vending machine you should use to fulfil your hunger needs. And as everyone knows, Japanese fruits are always so fresh and delicious so don't forget to check out this sweet *wink, wink* vending machine! apple vending machine halal navi

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Location of vending machine: Kasumigaseki Station (Marunouchi line), between exits B1 and B3, Tokyo

Prices: 190 yen

Halal restaurant nearby: KAENZAN Ikebukuro

6. Umbrellas

Now out of all of the items in this list, this is the most useful item we had on the list (don’t you agree?)! We’ve all been stuck outside on a rainy day without anything to protect our precious heads. But with this vending machine around, there is no need to worry about rain or snow as you will be safe to enjoy your adventures with your handy dandy vending machine umbrella! *clap, clap* By the way, I heard that there is a vending machine that provides rental umbrellas, and it's free of charge! So, make sure to look around for DyDo Drinco vending machine. umbrella vending machine halal navi

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Location of vending machine: JR Omiya Station, Saitama

Prices: 450 - 1,000 yen

Halal restaurant nearby: Iririki Cafe & Bar Halal Food

7. Various Type of Toys

Do you still remember a Gashapon machine (capsule toys) in our early days? If yes, this vending machine is an upgrade version of it!  Perfect for parents who want to treat your children with some toys, because it's a lifesaver. Plus, it was sold with an affordable price which should bring no harm to your wallet. *wink wink*   akihabara vending machine halal navi

Photo credit: Japan Times


Location of vending machine: Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara, Tokyo

Prices: 100 yen or more

Halal restaurant nearby: CoCo Ichi Curry House of Akihabara

8. Flower Bouquet

When you left to office in the morning, your wife gave you this weird smile which you didn’t understand. What makes even harder when you were running late for work, which might make things worse. Have you forgotten something important? Welcome to reality! How could you forget it’s your wedding anniversary dude?!?! Ohhhh now all the nonsense from your wife today suddenly makes sense! Don't be afraid because all you need is flowers to surprise your wife. If you just realized it on your train ride and there's no flowers shop near your home, don’t just stand around! Go looking for one of these special flower bouquet vending machines. You will definitely be impressed by the quality of the flowers, including your wife!

flower vending machine

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Location of vending machine: Shinjuku Station, Tokyo

Prices: 1,000 yen - 3,000 yen

Halal restaurant nearby: Siddique Shinjuku Nishiguchi

9. Sushi Socks

I'm pretty sure all of you love sushi, right? Well, it's a better way to show this gratitude to your fish friends by just wearing sushi socks on your feet. I mean it has the possibility of becoming a new trend *wink, wink*. And I am sure your feet would appreciate a little bit of sushi as much as your mouth does! So would you buy a salmon or egg sushi socks? Psstt, I'm in the 'salmon' team! picture9

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Location of vending machine: Marunouchi Metro exit, Tokyo Station.

Prices: 540 yen

Halal restaurant nearby : Maharaja Nagoya

10.Film and disposable cameras

Need to take pictures but forgot your camera or ran out of a film? Then go and find one of these machines to save yourself from this misery! As if that was not enough, listen to this. It’s not any random brand of film or disposable camera, but film and disposable cameras from our well known and loved (maybe not so much anymore in this digital age) Fujifilm!. They sell 35mm and APS film disposable camera on the go. picture10

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Location of vending machine: Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Prices: 300 - 1890 yen

Halal restaurant nearby : Kyoto Rose Cafe


No wonder it was one of the amazing things about Japan, because there goes your list of ten super unique vending machines in Japan! Can you find more? If so, write it in the comments below and share with us!

If you're going to a vending machine hunting trip in Japan, don't forget to download Halal Navi so you won't have a hard time finding Halal foods and other Muslim facilities!

Have fun finding some other cool vending machines in Japan 😉


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